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The winners...

Miss Firoozieh £100.00
Mrs Aldridge £50.00
Miss earle £20.00
Miss Owen £20.00
Mrs Parmenter £20.00
Miss Greenwood £20.00
Mrs Featherstone £20.00
Mrs major £20.00
Mrs kaur £20.00
Mrs Ashcombe £10.00
Mrs Samra £10.00
Mrs Kirby £10.00
Miss Sarnecka £10.00
Miss Begley £10.00
Mrs pearce £10.00
Miss Hannan-Bobe £10.00
Mrs Hyland £10.00
Mrs Thompson £10.00
Miss Baker £10.00
Mrs Finn £10.00
Miss Chubb £5.00
Mrs Bull £5.00
Mrs driver £5.00
Miss Harris £5.00
Mrs Paley £5.00
Mrs Robins £5.00
Dr Gifford £5.00
Mrs Brooks £5.00
Miss brown £5.00
Ms Drummond £5.00
Miss Michelle £5.00
Miss Godson £5.00
Mrs Rodger £5.00
Mrs Cleverley £5.00
Mrs DOOKHUN £5.00
Mrs Brown £5.00
Mrs Stefan £5.00
Mrs Mamoany £5.00
Mrs Fisher £5.00
Mrs Holden £5.00

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Privacy Policy

Mumsurvey recognises the importance of holding and using data responsibly. Mumsurvey subscribes to and complies with the Data Protection Act and with the GDPR.

The information you provide us with will only be used for market research purposes. This will be via invites to surveys built and hosted by us and also built and hosted by third parties. However, your personal data will only ever be collected for the purposes of the market research and will not be passed on or used in any other way.

You will have agreed by joining our panel or by opting-in to be contacted by us for surveys to the collection and use of the relevant personal information. We only ask for and retain the personal information that is required for us to invite you to appropriate surveys and to fulfil your reward payments. We do not collect any information about you that you do not specifically and knowingly provide.

You have the right to participate or not participate in any of the survey invites that we send to you as you see fit without this affecting future invitations to surveys in any way. We recognise your right to access your personal information. If you would like details on the personal information we hold on you please email with your request and we will aim to provide the details you ask for or answer your query within one month.

You may request to remove yourself from our panel and/or data records in one of two ways:

  • If you are a MumSurvey panel member please email asking to be removed from the panel. Your personal information, held on the panel, will be permanently deleted.
  • If you are NOT a MumSurvey panel member please email with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the title of the email. The personal information we hold on you, provided when you opted-in to receive survey invitations from us, will be permanently deleted.